Toy  foam

Item No. YXH-T2
Products: Miracle Sponge Ball to Bunny Rabbit Amazing Magic Trick
Color available: Red
Size: 5.3 x 3.9 x 2 inches
Material : High quality PU foam
Usage: Widely used for children game .
Show a sponge ball and let it be examined. State that you will make it disappear. Put it in your pocket and say, "Ta-Da"! After the groaning, take it out and place it in your otherwise empty hand and say that you will once again make it vanish. Open your hand and the ball has vanished, and in it's place is a 5 1/2" sponge bunny! The ball is no where to be seen! This is an amazing trick! The change from ball to bunny is just about automatic! Perfect for kids or adults. Audiences love it! Easy to do.
Package: Opp bag ,headcard ,bulk packing
Additional service :  OEM order is warmly welcome .