Author:  Yongxinghua : Datetime: 2017 06-02


When we start doing business trade ,we have met a lot of challenge . Like new product development , strict inspection ,urgent delivery time , best packing and so on .But the most impresstion thing is regarding our one new product development  .

The product we mentioned is Flocking Mic Foam Windscreen with 5 color printing logo , Even though this is one of our main products . But we seldomly make such more color printing before we start doing business trade .We usually make it without logo or make silk or common heat printing .

But in one time ,one customer from india came to our factory and took several Flocking Mic Foam Windscreen with beautiful color printing.Obviously,this is superior quality products and it looks perfect . But we didn’t make it with flocking printing before that time .Our boss took it and check it carefully .He didn’t know if we could make it or not .Then he let the customer wait and repy him after 3 days . During this 3 days ,we did a lot of work and made our effort to make various printing and compare .But we couldn’t make more then two color by silk printing and 3 color by common heat printing . Then we tried every method we could think out ,finally we took another 5 days and found that if we make flocking for the Mic foam windscreen first and then make 5 color printing outside.It could work perfectly .After that time ,we could make various kind of printing no matter how many printing color .

From this case ,we know one principle : EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you put your heart into it . Let’s work hard and do it better and better .Pls do believe in us .